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This information applies to students entering 2nd or 3rd-year Biology.  

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Usually involves intense specialization in a single field or a combination of fields, and is the traditional route to take if you want to pursue graduate studies. An honours requires maintenance of high academic standing and usually involves the preparation of a graduating thesis (i.e. BIOL 347, 447 & 449). You’ll have to complete at least 132 credits (rather than the 120 required for the major degree). Honours students must complete their degree within five calendar years.

Honours students are required to complete all courses attempted (no failed courses), complete a minimum of 30 credits per winter session, and maintain a minimum 75% average per academic session.

Second-year Biology Majors wishing to switch into the Honours program just need to submit an application during the 3rd year admission period to do so.

If you are interested in an honours specialization but do not meet these requirements (for instance, completed only 28 credits in your first winter session) please still submit an application.  As the Associate Head of Biology will review all applications and consider them on a case by case basis for admission into the honours program.

Applications for admissions to honours are open in May, August, and January. It will be posted on the front page of this website.  Students must have completed at least 30 credits all previous winter sessions, have no failed courses, and achieved at least a 75% in the previous winter session.

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