Admission to 3rd Year Biology

***Applications for Admission to the Third Year Biology Program:  Are now open until Jan 19th, to apply please click here! The results of the January applications will be communicated by early Feb. If you have any questions please contact the Biology Office at

Admission requirements for entry into the 3rd year Biology program:

Students who have already been admitted into the 2nd year Biology program DO NOT need to reapply for admission to the 3rd year program, unless they are applying to be in Honours.  

There are three application periods to apply for admission into the 3rd year biology program May, August and January.  May admission is open to students who have all their requirements by April.   August admission is open to transfer students, late applications, and students who have completed their entry requirements during the summer.   Students who are accepted during the August admission period are offered one seat in a 3rd-year Biology laboratory selection course (i.e. BIOL 326/337/340/341/351/352/363) since acceptance into the program occurs after the summer registration period.   January admission is open to students who have completed all the 2nd year requirements by December of their 3rd year of academic study.  Admission into the 3rd year Biology Major program is based on the successful completion of the 2nd year required courses and students achieving a minimum of a 68% average in the 2nd year required courses.  The online application to apply to the 3rd year biology program will be available on the Biology website during the first two weeks of the three application periods (i.e. May, August or January).

The second-year requirements are:
Biology Fundamentals: BIOL 200, BIOL 230, BIOL 233 or  234, BIOL 260
Organismal (select two): BIOL 203, BIOL 204, BIOL 205, BIOL 209, BIOL 210, MICB 201
Chemistry: CHEM 233, CHEM 235 or (CHEM 203)

To be eligible for admission to third-year biology, students must have completed at least three of the fundamentals courses (BIOL 200, 230, 233 or 234, 260), one organismal course (BIOL 203, 204, 205, 209, 210, MICB 201), and CHEM 233 or (CHEM 203).

Students intending to take BIOL 363 and 364 must take BIOL 204 and/or BIOL 260 in their second year.   Promotion to the fourth year requires successful completion of a minimum of 72 credits,  full completion of all first and second-year requirements, BIOL 300 and 9 credits of upper-level life science courses (i.e. BIOL 336, Biology Labs or Life Science Selections).  If a student has been granted permission to use STAT 200 to satisfy the BIOL 300 requirement they are required to have 12 credits of upper-level life science courses instead.

Students intending to apply to a Combined Majors or Honours program must consult the UBC Calendar for their second-year program requirements and contact the non-biology department for admissions information.

Honours students are required to complete all courses attempted (no failed courses), complete a minimum of 30 credits per winter session, and maintain a minimum 75% average per academic session.

Second-year Biology Majors wishing to switch into the Honours program just need to submit an application during any 3rd year admission period to do so.  Applications for admissions to honours are open in May and August.

It will be posted on the front page of this website.  Students must have completed at least 30 credits all previous winter sessions, have no failed courses, and achieved at least a 75% in the previous winter session.

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