Teaching Assistant Canvas FAQ’s


How do I get access to Canvas?

Login to Canvas from canvas.ubc.ca using your UBC CWL. You should automatically get access to your course if (1) you have an active appointment in your department, (2) you are assigned TA duties to a course, and (3) you have linked your CWL to your employee ID.

If you don’t see your course on the Canvas Dashboard after the first week of classes, we recommend you check with your graduate program coordinator or Timetable representative.

Where do I find instructions for using Canvas? 

A good starting point is to use the Help button in the bottom left of Canvas, which gives you access to Search the Canvas Guides, or Ask the Community.  UBC Science Canvas FAQs are also available here.

How do I contact students through Canvas? 

In Canvas, there are several communication tools available: you can post Announcements, send messages through the Canvas Inbox (Conversations), use the live Chat, or post in the Discussion board. Please check with your instructor on which tools they would like to use in their course.

Canvas Announcements and Conversations will send email alerts to students who have Notifications enabled (on by default).

What are tips for grading in Canvas?

Make sure you check with your course instructor first on your role and guidelines for handling student grades in Canvas.

If marking and entering grades are part of your TA duties, these can be some helpful tools:

 Can I access Canvas on my phone or tablet? 

Yes, you can access Canvas through your mobile browser or download the Canvas Teacher App.

What if I encounter problems with Canvas?

If your questions aren’t answered in the guides and FAQs, we recommend you make your course instructor your first point of contact.

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