Rafflesia kerrii – Khao Sok National Park, Thailand

This flower is between 50 and 90 cm wide.  It smells like rotten meat to attract flies for pollination.

Lycopodium stem cross-section

Jason Kitagawa from the Biology 210 class made this section in lab.  

Imagine 2011 – BBQ and music by Bang!

Keenan, Paloma, Jayne, and Angela get a Bang! out of Imagine!                              

Amblyrhynchus cristatus

Tricuspid teeth of the marine iguana (Galapagos Islands endemic) are well suited to scraping algae.

UBC Botanical Garden

Students on a fieldtrip for Biology 324 (seed plant taxonomy).
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Welcome to the Biology Program

UBC's Biology Program is the undergraduate teaching program of the Departments of Botany and Zoology. Options include one Major, two Combined Majors, eight Honours, and three Combined Honours options.

We hope and expect that during your time as an undergraduate you will acquire an appreciation for the living world and a set of essential skills and attitudes that form the basis for further education and serve you well in the future.

Contact Information:

Biology Program Office
2604-2146 Health Sciences Mall
DH COPP Building, Vancouver, BC
V6T 1Z3

Shona Ellis, Associate Head of Biology

Tammy Tromba, Biology Program Assistant

Maki Sumitani, Biol Connect/Canvas Support

Important Notices:

  • Memorial Tribute to Mackey Singh (1996 - 2018)  - Remembering Mackey http://www.biology.ubc.ca/tribute-to-mackey/ 

  • New Award "River Timothy SIDLEY Memorial Award in Marine Science": A $7500 award will be given to one student from UBC-Vancouver who has been accepted to the Fall Semester at the Bamfield Marine Science Centre. For more information please email tromba@biology.ubc.ca.

  • BIOL 409: Summer Field Ecology Course in California, Apr 26th to May 12th This course will visit several sites from BC to California, covering topics ranging from ecophysiology to community ecology with an emphasis on the marine plants, animals, and ecosystems of the North American Pacific coast. Activities will include lectures, labs, field work, and opportunities for independent research projects.  For more information please contact Chris Harley at harley@zoology.ubc.ca.

  • Other Biology Awards to apply for:

    The Botany/ Zoology Undergraduate Student Research Award is a $3250 monetary award to support student laboratory research, the costs of field study, or the sharing of undergraduate research with the scientific community through participation in a national or international conference.

    The Jamie Smith Memorial Award is an $800 award to enable undergraduate students in Zoology, Botany or Forestry who are studying ecology to attend field courses.

    To apply for these awards please submit a 1-page letter of interest stating why you want the award to Tammy Tromba, Biology Program Assistant at tromba@biology.ubc.ca by March 31st!  The criteria for evaluating the applications will be enthusiasm expressed in the letter of interest, past experiences, achievements, career goals and academic performance.

  • For Biology Course Registration Information please click here!

  • Applications for Admission/Promotion to the Third Year Biology Majors or Honours: are closed until May!  Results of the January application period have been communicated. If you have any questions or problems with your application please contact the Biology Office at tromba@biology.ubc.ca.

  • Office Hours for Shona Ellis, Associate Head of Biology: Room 2610 COPP Bldg (Mondays 12 to 1 pm and Fridays by appointment)

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